Sudz 'n Dudz Organic Wool Care Sample Package


We've found lovely little bottles and put together a convenient bundle of sample size products for you to try! This also makes a great travel set or a wonderful gift for a new wool lover!

Packed in a drawstring cotton muslin bag.

You'll receive:

1 fl. oz. Organic Liquid Wool Wash

1 fl. oz. No-Clump Lanolin Sray

1 fl. oz. Liquid Lanolin

.375 oz Organic Wool Wash Bar (1/6 of a bar)

.25 oz Organic Lanolin


Unscented only.

If you or your customers live in a very warm climate, the lanolin may melt and shift to the top or sides of the container if they are not kept upright during shipping. Please be careful when you open them!

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