Sudz 'n Dudz Organic Wool Wash Bar


Sudz are hand-crafted with organically processed oils from organically grown plants and pleasantly scented with the finest essential oils and quality fragrance oils. The oils used for our wool wash bars and liquid wool wash are certified organic and carefully chosen for their mildness and gentle but thorough cleansing properties.

All Sudz bars have excellent stain-removal capabilities and they are enriched with lanolin so you can skip more of those messy sink treatments. We have formulated a bar that, with proper care, is long lasting and very economical. We actually have customers complaining that it's too good...they want to try different scents, but no matter how hard they try, they just can't make the bar disappear!

minimum bar weight: 5 oz.

Please see the Scentz page for a detailed description of the scents below. #indicates a dark bar. not recommended for rubbing on light colored wool, but will not cause any problems with normal washing.

Unscented $7.95

Essential Oil Scented (EO) $8.95


We can fit 36 bars in a medium flat rate box.

We can fit 60 bars in a large flat rate box.


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