Learn about our wonderful organic ingredients! Check back often, as we'll be adding more! We source our products domestically whenever possible, and when necessary, purchase internationally from companies known and certified for their ecologically sound practices and their ethical treatment, payment, and care of the people, the land, and the animals that provide them.


Castor oil-(Ricinus communis) organic, expeller pressed, refined

Castor oil is a thick, almost sticky oil known for it's humectant (moisture attracting) abilities. It is lovely in lip balms and in salves for irritated skin, and also makes a lovely scalp tonic. In soaps, it makes a silky lather, cleanses gently, and imparts excellent conditioning effects.


Coconut Oil- (Cocos nucifera) organic, virgin, unrefined, cold-press extraction, kosher certified

Our coconut oil is truly delicious! Completely edible, and wonderfully aromatic, it is also a lucious treat for the skin and hair. Rich in fatty acids, as a soap ingredient, it provides rich fluffy lather, and excellent cleansing abilities.


Honey, Beeswax, & Powdered Honey-organic, filtered and/or freeze-dried

Bee products are an absolute delight to work with and use. Their sweet aroma and versatile properties make them both ideal for soaps as well as skin and hair care. You may have noticed that even our unscented wool wash bars carry the gentle aroma of the beeswax we use. Beeswax is a natural emulsifier, allowing both water and oil ingredients to blend in lotions and creams (borax is commonly used for this purpose, but shouldn't be!) and it provides an excellent, non-comedogenic moisture barrier in lip balms and salves. Honey and honey powder are wonderful humectants, drawing moisture to the hair and skin, and they adds natural sweetness to lip balms and body powders. Our beeswax, honey, and powder come from organic farms that not only ensure a spacious and chemical free habitat for the bees, but they also harvest judiciously so the bees are able to overwinter comfortably without needing artificial supplementation.


Lanolin-Organic, Lanolin Oil-certified pesticide and residue free

Look no further for the world's purest lanolin! Our solid lanolin is imported from Australia and was extracted from organically farmed, open-pastured sheep, gently raised and shorn for their wool. They are not mulesed, nor are they dipped in pesticides or fed hormones or other artificial chemicals or supplements. Our liquid lanolin is extracted from solid lanolin by use of a centrifuge (mechanical means) to separate the waxy particles from the oil. Look carefully at the ingredients of many commercial brands of wool wash. They contain PEG lanolins which are to be avoided for several reasons: first, they are not the result of natural processing or extraction. Traditional lanolin must be reacted with a series of chemicals in order to make PEG lanolin, with the inherent risk of residues and contamination included. Second: the process alters the chemical composition of the lanolin, making it water soluble. While this may be desirable for products requiring a homogeneous appearance, it has the unfortunate side-effect of rendering the lanolin COMPLETELY USELESS to your wool! If the lanolin is water soluble it will wash away. Don't be fooled by the pretty bottles and clear solutions!


Olive Oil-(Olea europaea) organic, extra virgin, unrefined, cold press extraction, kosher certified

Like many of our ingredients, this olive oil is excellent for both cooking and cosmetic uses. It's rich flavor and color are delightful in our favorite pesto recipe. Added to soap, it provides gentle cleansing and hardness to the bar.

palm kernels

Palm Kernel Oil-(Elaeis guineensis) organic, refined (mechanical methods), expeller pressed,

There are two facts of critical importance that the consumer should research when purchasing products containing palm kernel oil. The first is verifying that the oil is obtained using sustainable farming methods and that the program has third-party oversight and certification processes in action. Ours does. The second is verifying that soybean oil is not also in the ingredients list because this means that the soap-maker is using store-bought hydrogenated shortening as a cheap and cosmetically useless filler in their soap. We do not. Our non-hydrogenated palm oil is naturally creamy and serves as a cleanser, lather builder, and hardener for our bar soaps. (It also makes healthy, delectable pie crust!)


Shea butter-(Butyrospermum parkii) organic, raw, unrefined, expeller-pressed

Shea butter is a thick, white, creamy butter, with a lovely nutty aroma. It is important to use only raw, unrefined shea butter, as refined butters have had chemical bleaches and deodorizers added to them which alter not only the scent and consistency, but they also destroy the rich vitamin and mineral content, and thus, the healing and medicinal properties of the butter. Shea butter is an excellent, all-around beauty and cosmetic product. It is used in many skin, hair, and bath preparations and is ideal for healing salves, diaper creams, and anti-aging formulations.

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