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About Sudz:



Most of you know me as Meg, but really my name is Meghan. It's faster to sign off with only three letters! We are a family of 6, (plus 1 dog,  2 fat tailed geckos, 2 bunnies, 3 mice and 10 beautiful egg-laying hens! ) who live, laugh, love, and learn at home in beautiful ALASKA!

Sudz 'n Dudz began in the early months of 2005. What started out as experimental curiosity has bloomed, thanks to your enthusiasm and support, into a wonderful business adventure. Our goal is to create simply the best organic wool and laundry care at a fair and competitive price. Our daughters, Emma, Maya, Kyra, and Anya are my cheerleaders, order packers, bottle pumpers, and sticker-putter-on-ers! They love to help with labelling and scenting the products and with signing and decorating invoices. Emma is a skilled order packer now, and I think her cursive is neater than mine! My husband is a whiz at sourcing ingredient and container suppliers, as well as offering sage business advice and fixing the occasional printer jam before I have at it with a sledgehammer!

I don't quite know where I'd be right now if it weren't for Jennifer, my indispensable programming, installing, de-bugging, and all around technological guru. She's sometimes willing and able to take on free-lance projects for other WAHMS!

In my spare time (HA!) I love to knit, crochet, sew, hike, run, and read.

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