Everyday Laundry

Quick! Go check the ingredients list on your laundry detergent.

What do you mean there isn't a list of ingredients?! Your skin (and baby's) can absorb massive amounts of both liquid and dissolved or vaporized dry powder chemicals. You wouldn't eat food without an ingredients list would you? There's a reason detergent manufacturers don't list their ingredients...they know that if you knew what was in them that you wouldn't go near them! Some will claim that it's because their formulations are "proprietary" and say that it's not any different than a soda pop company refusing to reveal their flavor formulas. Well we think that's a bunch of hogwash! (and there's a good reason we don't drink soda!)

Coming soon! Our very own, all-natural, gentle-but-effective cloth diaper and all-purpose laundry detergent! No synthetics! No secret ingredients! No ambiguously named ingredients!


Enjoy our solutions for naturally residue free laundry! Available soon in powder, liquid, and convenient pod formulas.

Coming soon, organic soap nuts and our own gentle  soap for handwashables and delicates!

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