Sudz 'n Dudz Lanolin Balm


 Yes, it's really here again!

Our silky smooth lanolin balm is a simple, but carefully blended mixture of certified contaminant-free and residue-free pharmeceutical grade lanolin and organic jojoba oil. 

Crafted specifically for ease of application and for the express purpose of skipping lanolizing treatments in the sink. Our lanolin balm allows you to lanolize and condition dry wool!

A pea size amount, spread in the palms, and gently patted onto your wool, wet or dry, will replenish it's "waterproofing".

Comes in a re-useable, recyclable tin.

Unscented only, for now.


2 fl. oz. $7.95

4 fl. oz. $14.95


photo coming soon.


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